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International Debit Card also known as Visa/MasterCard Debit. This is a card with a global scope of use, cardholders can easily make payment transactions, transfer funds, etc. when traveling or working abroad. To learn more about the features as well as distinguishing international debit cards from domestic cards, read the following article right away!

What is an international debit card?

International Debit Card is kind cards supported by international financial institutions such as Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, etc., have a worldwide use range. This type of card is suitable for those who often travel, work abroad, because the features of foreign currency cash withdrawal, transfer, … are extremely fast. Like other debit cards, the limit of an international debit card is the amount you top up, when using money, money will be deducted directly from the cardholder’s bank account when making transactions. ,

Nowadays, there are many types international debit card and the most popular are MasterCard, and Visa cards.

International Visa Debit Card (Visa Debit)

This is a card issued by banks that are affiliated with Visa organizations. Transactions are conducted through the secure payment platform Verified by Visa. Visa Debit international debit card is used to spend globally and pay at merchants with Visa logo

MasterCard International Debit Card (MasterCard Debit)

This is a card issued by banks affiliated with MasterCard Worldwide. Transactions are conducted through the SecureCode payment platform. Visa Debit international debit card used for spending globally and paying at merchants with the MasterCard logo

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Advantages of international debit cards

Advantages of international debit card

What are the advantages that international debit cards bring? (Source: Internet)

Unlike a domestic debit card, which is only used for domestic payments, an international debit card can be used for transactions on a global scale. The advantages of Visa/Mastercard Debit can be mentioned as:

  • Convenient transactions anytime, anywhere. The card is linked to a payment account, as long as you have money in your card, you can use it for transactions anytime, anywhere.
  • Transact in any currency with an international debit card, but the downside is that you will incur foreign currency conversion fees.
  • Easily withdraw cash at affiliated ATMs around the world with an international debit card.
  • With an international debit card you can pay for transactions online or in person at the store.
  • Absolutely secure with PIN code. Most cards are EMV chip cards which further increases the security of the card.

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What are the conditions to open an international debit card?

conditions for opening international debit card

What are the requirements to open a card? (Source: Internet)

Depending on the bank, there will be certain conditions for making a card. However, there are usually the following general and basic rules:

  • Be a Vietnamese citizen over 18 years old, have an ID card/CCCD at the time of card issuance.
  • Foreigners residing in Vietnam have relevant papers according to the bank’s regulations.

Conditions for making an international debit card are quite simple compared to opening an international credit card.

In addition, you must also prepare the following documents and documents:

  • Application form to open a card for individual customers
  • Copy of ID card/CCCD or passport (note to bring the original to check)
  • Registration form to open an account
  • Other documents required by the bank

The easiest way to open an international debit card 2021

How to make an international debit card is quite simple and does not take much time, currently there are 2 ways to open the card, that is, go directly to the bank’s transaction office or open an online card.

How to make an international debit card directly at the bank

You refer to the following steps to open an international debit card at the bank’s transaction office without being surprised.

  • Step 1: Fill out the bank’s international debit card application form.
  • Step 2: Present documents including proof of your income within 3 months, salary statement, ID card/CCCD original or notarized copy.
  • Step 3: Bank staff receive documents. Verify and verify customer information.
  • Step 4: If the procedure is valid, the bank will proceed with the process of opening a card for the customer.

Employees enter personal information of customers into the management system, schedule a date to issue cards and information codes for guests. Ask the customer to sign the receipt and register the signature of the confirmation form in the bank’s system.

  • Step 5: The customer receives the card and ends the process of opening an international debit card.

How to open an international debit card online

Open Visa/Mastercard debit card online

Easily open a card online without going to the bank (Source: Internet)

Online card opening is increasingly being applied by many banks to meet the needs of customers, especially customers who work during office hours. However, there are also some banks that do not apply this form, so you need to find out first. The steps to open an international debit card online are as follows:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of the bank you want to open a card.
  • Step 2: Find, download and fill out the card opening form available in the Cards section
  • Step 3: Fill in personal information such as your name and address, ID/CCCD number, financial details.
  • Step 4: Complete and wait for the bank staff to contact you to receive the card.

Latest Visa/Mastercard debit card opening fee

Many customers who intend to open an international debit card will be interested in card opening fees, the answer is that depending on each bank, there will be different fees for opening international debit cards, usually ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 copper. In case of fast card opening, the fee can range from 100,000 – 200,000 VND. However, there are also many banks that will waive fees on cards such as Timo bank, VPbank, BIDV, Sacombank, SHB, TPbank… In addition, with international debit cards you will have to pay an annual fee to maintain the card.

Visa/MasterCard Debit card transaction fees abroad of the latest banks 2021

Depending on the policy issued when issuing Visa/MasterCard Debit cards, the bank will collect all kinds of fees when cardholders make transactions abroad. The fees that cardholders usually have to pay when transacting abroad are:

  • Fees for making transactions at foreign ATMs or POS machines. Usually banks that will charge a processing fee also have free banks. In addition, transaction fees at ATMs will be charged depending on the regulations of the bank that owns the ATM you are using. When withdrawing money, a fee will appear if any.
  • Currency conversion fee from VND to the money value of the country you are visiting. The usual level is 4%.

Normally, in foreign countries, cardholders will use Visa/MasterCard Debit cards to pay with cards at POS machines, so the bank will automatically convert to the appropriate currency and then deduct it directly from the card. These fees are collected according to the regulations of the applicable card opening bank.

The transaction fee comparison table of the top 5 banks with the most incentives when opening international debit cards is in VND.

Bank Issuance fee Annual fees Withdrawal fee Transfer fees Statement printing fee
Vietcombank 50,000 won 60,000/year Same system: 1000
Other system: 10,000
3,000 20,000/time
ACB Free of charge 50,000-599,000/year (depending on card type) 1,100 2,200 550 /time
Timo Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge NH Vietnamese version: Free
Other banks: 3,000 VND
NH Vietnamese version: Free
Other banks: 800/time
BIDV Regular release: Free
Quick release fee 200,000/year
Main card: 80,000/year
Supplementary card: 50,000/year
1,000 yen 0.05% of the amount transferred Free of charge
VPbank Free of charge 49,000-199,000/year (depending on card type) Free with the system
Other system: 0.2% transaction
Same system: 0.03% of the amount transferred
Outside the system: 0.05% of the amount transferred
7,000 won

5 Notes when using international debit cards

Refer to the following to better secure your international debit card:

  • Absolutely do not give out card pictures or information to strangers Because the online payment with international debit card is very simple, just enter the information on the card to make the transaction successfully.
  • Register for Internet Banking/Mobile Banking service to receive instant notifications of suspicious transactions and promptly report them to the bank as well as easily manage and track balances
  • Change PIN code, Internet Banking password periodically will make your card and bank account more secure. In particular, you should not set a PIN code that is too simple like 123456 or 111111 as well as set a PIN according to your date of birth because maybe you will lose your international debit card with identification documents such as ID/CCCD or driver’s license.
  • Transactions in reputable places When shopping online, avoid accessing intermediary websites to limit information theft.
  • Limit withdrawal transactions at ATMs by international debit card because it will be charged quite high depending on the bank

Good experience for you to use Visa/MasterCard Debit card abroad

Whether you go out, work, study abroad, Visa/MasterCard Debit cards are possible pay financial bills for you. You can freely spend on services: shopping, travel, entertainment… What you need is to always control the balance in your Visa/MasterCard Debit card account. If you want to make all financial transactions fast and smooth, don’t forget to top up your Visa/MasterCard Debit card account before using it.

debit card offer

Debit card is convenient when traveling abroad (Source: Internet)

In addition, you should also note:

  • Inform your bank of your intention to go abroad. Let the cashier support you if there is an unexpected problem as well as record international transactions from your Visa/MasterCard Debit card.
  • Use card swipe to pay for services you use when going abroad. As long as there is a Visa or Mastercard logo, you can use your Visa/MasterCard Debit card.
  • You can withdraw cash from your Visa/MasterCard Debit card abroad, but it needs to be limited because you have to pay withdrawal service fees while abroad.
  • If you plan to go to any country, you need to check the information from the main website of the bank to be able to take advantage of the benefits Debit card offers that the bank has for you.
  • Always keep the card issuer’s hotline number in mind for necessary assistance while abroad.
  • Choose a Visa/MasterCard Debit card issuer with a branch abroad or a member of a large banking organization to enjoy free use of ATMs of the same bank.
  • Review the signature on the back of the magnetic stripe on the Visa/MasterCard Debit card you signed, some Visa/MasterCard Debit card payment points do not agree if there is no verification signature on your card.

Above is all the necessary information about international debit cards to help you distinguish Visa/MasterCard cards as well as the functions and benefits of international debit cards. Register now for Timo Debit card to enjoy endless offers from Timo digital bank!

  • Open a Timo Visa card – Receive a series of offers right away
    Free card issuance & lifetime annual fee

    Owning a credit card is easy with just a salary statement from VND 6 million

    Accepted in 62,000 domestic locations and 30 million global locations

    Credit limit up to 500 million VND, can withdraw cash up to 50% of the limit

    Cards are secure, close and open cards directly on the Timo app!

Frequently asked questions about international debit cards?

Can international debit cards be paid in installments?

Customers can make installment purchases with an international debit card as long as the balance of the card is equal to or greater than the amount to be paid in installments each month.

Can international debit cards make transfers?

International debit cards are fully transferable. And the outstanding advantage is that this card can be transferred both at home and abroad quickly and easily.

Is Visa card an international debit card?

Visa is an international payment card issuer. An international debit card is a card of the Visa card brand, used to pay in the form of prepaid and only spend according to the amount already in the account.

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