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Making a bank ATM card without any fees is now a priority for many customers. Banks all have their own free policy for customers to open accounts and ATM cards, making it difficult for you to choose which bank ATM card to make. In this article, Timo digital bank will help you find the answer to which bank’s ATM card is best, no monthly fees, no account maintenance fees.

What is an ATM card?

ATM card is a type of card issued by banks according to the prescribed standards on card quality and features. ATM cards support features such as withdrawing money, transferring money, querying account information, paying bills, linking e-wallets… ATM cards have many types such as debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards. both domestically and internationally.

But when most Vietnamese people think of ATM cards, they will think of domestic debit cards, so in this article, Timo will give you reviews about domestic ATM cards or domestic debit cards. The procedure for making a domestic ATM card is relatively easy.

What is an ATM card?

Which bank’s ATM card should be the best?

Each bank will have its own advantages and disadvantages, you need to consider the following criteria to make a decision on which bank ATM card to make.

When using a domestic ATM card, there will be the following basic fees: Issuance fee, annual fee, withdrawal fee, transfer fee.

Currently, there are many banks that are free to issue cards, you can easily choose the banks that have this support policy. In which, there is a free Timo Card with many fees to help customers save a lot of costs.

Many of you always set criteria on convenience and speed. Therefore, banks with a high density of ATMs will be chosen by customers more such as: Timo Agribank, Vietcombank, VietinBank, BIDV…

Currently, banks have joined the NAPAS banking system; you can use all typical NAPAS-linked bank ATMs like Timo. However, not every bank can transfer money from another bank at their bank’s ATM.

  • Daily transaction limit

Cash withdrawal and money transfer limits are also criteria for customers to choose a bank as an ATM card. Most banks today have a daily withdrawal limit of only about 2 to 5 million VND.

According to regulations issued by the State Bank of Vietnam, banks need to convert domestic chip cards to meet the demand for non-cash payment as well as enhance security for payment transactions.

Accordingly, the Timo Debit chip card (domestic ATM card) meets the VCCS standards issued by NAPAS, providing a convenient and secure payment method with the following advantages:

  • Limit the risks of fraud, forgery, information theft, etc. with EMV chip.
  • Convenient online payment (online payment) at many websites, linked with e-wallets with NAPAS logo icon.
  • Contactless payment technology supports quick payment for transactions
Which bank's atm card should be made?
Domestic Chip Card Timo

Which bank’s ATM card is free of charge?

Free ATM card issue card

Currently, almost all banks issue domestic ATM cards for free. Timo offers a number of banks for you to choose from: Timo, BIDV, Vietinbank, VPbank, Ban Viet, Techcombank, Sacombank, TPbank… Especially, when making a Timo ATM card, besides free issuance, you can also Request card delivery to your home address completely free of charge nationwide.

Make any bank ATM card without fees today
Make any bank card without fee (Source: Internet)

Fee-free ATM card for money transfer

In order to increase competitiveness, in addition to preferential policies on card issuance fees, fee-free money transfers are also increasingly being applied by many banks. Including the following 10 names:

Timo is a relatively special banking model, there is no transaction office, only Timo Hangout transaction offices are places for customers to register for services and receive advice. All transactions are done through the Timo application on your phone to help you limit going to the bank and save time.

Especially in Timo, even if you transfer to any bank, there are no fees.

Being the pioneer bank in the “campaign” to transfer 0 VND money. From January 1, 2020, MBBank started a free policy of all money transfer transactions inside and outside the bank. Customers can easily transfer money to more than 40 banks in the Napas system without worrying about fees.

The free ATM card money transfer offer is only applicable on VPBank Online and the conditions for receiving the offer are as follows:

  • Transfer money for the purpose of supporting the prevention of covid 19 epidemic.
  • As a customer of VPBank, money transfer fee will be refunded for the first 10 transactions made in the month, applicable to interbank transfer.
  • Average balance from 10,000,000 VND or more.
  • Techcombank

Techcombank does not require any minimum balance requirements or certain special account types. All customers who open an account at Techcombank can transfer money between banks for free.

Customers are supported free of charge when making money transfers through Myvib application, with the following conditions:

  • Inter-bank money transfer transactions with a value of less than VND 500,000.
  • Online transactions for customers using VIB Sapphire account package.
  • TPBank

Free money transfer on Mobile Banking app is one of the factors motivating customers to choose TPBank.

Customers need to use 2 services, namely SeANet/SeAMobile, to enjoy free money transfer incentives inside and outside the system of SeaBank.

In order to promote and increase the demand for money transfer transactions at PVcombank, PVcombank implements a free program of money transfer on PVcombank online. If you are using this service, you will receive a discount.

Customers only need to install and use an S – Free account, only that will have the privilege of transferring money to banks outside the system for free.

UOB Bank Vietnam is a bank branch of UOB group, newly opened in Vietnam. If you have a UOB online bank account, transferring money is completely free.

ATM card with no account maintenance fee

The main account maintenance fee is the annual fee. Some banks will charge this fee to maintain the card’s operation such as Techcombank at 50,000 VND/year, MBbank 60,000 VND/year. However, there are also some typical free banks such as Timo Digital Bank.

There is another case where you will not lose your monthly fee when your account balance exceeds the limit set by the bank, for example Vietinbank if your monthly account balance is from 5 million VND or more, it will not be charged. Monthly fee. For Timo digital bank, you get free monthly account maintenance and no minimum balance requirement. This will save you some money to do other necessary things.

Compare ATM cards of popular banks today

When using an ATM card, you must pay fees for card transactions such as issuance, withdrawal, money transfer, annual fees, minimum balance, etc. to the bank.

Here, Timo will compare transaction fees on ATM cards of some popular banks so that you have more information to decide which bank ATM card to make.

Compare ATM cards of popular banks today

Bank Issuance fee Minimum balance ATM withdrawal fee with the same bank ATM withdrawal fee is different from the bank Transfer fee by ATM with the same bank Fee for transfer by ATM other than banks E-banking (Internet/Mobile banking)
Timo Free of charge Not required Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
Vietcombank 50,000 won 50,000 won 1,100 3,300 2,200/transaction if less than 20 million
5,500/transaction if from 20 million VND or more
7,000 VND/transaction if less than 10 million VND 11,000 VND/transaction if over 10 million VND Free of charge
Agribank 50,000 won 50,000 won 1,100 1,100 Bank transfer: 0.03%
Bank transfer: 0.05%
Bank transfer: 0.05%
Bank transfer: 0.06%
Free of charge
BIDV Free of charge 50,000 won 1,100 3,300 Bank transfer with BIDV system: 0.05% of transaction amount (Minimum 2,000, maximum 15,000)
Transfer to another bank:
– Transaction from 10 million VND or less: 7,000/transaction;
– Transactions over 10 million VND: 0.02% of the amount transferred (minimum 10,000, maximum 50,000)
Transfer with BIDV system: 1,500 Transfer to other banks: not done Free of charge
Vietinbank Free of charge 50,000 won C-card: 1,100
Gold-card, Pink-card: 3,300
3,300 Under 5 million/day: no fee
Over 5 million: 0.06% of the limit amount
No support Free of charge
Vpbank Free of charge 50,000 won Free of charge 3,000 won Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
Vietnamese version Free of charge 50,000 won Free of charge 2,790 Free of charge 2,200 Free of charge
Techcombank Free of charge 50,000 won 2,200 3,300 Interbank money transfer: 10,000 won
Free money transfer within the same system
No support Free of charge
Sacombank Free of charge 50,000 won 1,100 3,300 Transfer money in the system: 2,000
Interbank money transfer: 3,000 won
No support Free first quarter
TPbank. Free of charge 50,000 won Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge

How to make ATM cards of banks

You can make an ATM card online at any time or go directly to the bank to make an ATM card.

Make an ATM card online

Currently, Timo Digital Bank applies eKYC technology to help customers open ATM cards quickly with a few simple steps right on their phones. How to make Timo’s free online ATM card as follows:

Step 1: Download the Timo Digital Bank app at the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android).

Which banks do not charge account maintenance fees?

Step 2: Enter the phone number and confirm the OTP code.

Step 3: Enter personal information including full name, email, nationality.

Which bank's atm card should be done quickly?

Step 4: Enter the referral code if any to receive offers from Timo.

Step 5: Take pictures of the front and back of your ID/CCCD as directed.

Step 6: Scan your face to confirm your identity by eKYC identification technology.

Which banks do not charge a monthly fee?

Step 7: Fill in the address that matches your ID.

Step 8: Set a password for the account. For added security, the password must have at least 8 characters, a capital letter, a number and a special character.

Which bank does not charge atm card account maintenance fee?

Step 9: Wait for account approval using eKYC identification technology.

Step 10: Timo’s staff will contact you again to confirm the information and complete the card opening procedure. You can request to have your ATM card delivered to your door in 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam and it’s completely free.

Make a card directly at the bank

When you want to make an ATM card of any bank, you can go to any transaction point of that bank.

You only need to bring an identification document such as your ID card/Citizen ID card or passport to be directly supported by the card opening department.

As soon as you successfully register, your bank account has been activated and used. Your ATM card will be received within 7 -14 working days from the time of successful registration.

Some frequently asked questions when making ATM cards

Is the ATM card out of money locked?

The ATM card that runs out of money will not be locked, you can rest assured to use it. The card will be locked in certain cases such as not paying the annual fee, entering the wrong PIN more than 3 times, etc.

Is ATM card locked for a long time?

ATM cards left for a long time will be locked, when there is no transaction for more than 1 – 1.5 years, the card will fall into a sleep state, ie locking the direction of transfer and withdrawal transactions.

– Can under 18 years old get an ATM card?

People under 18 years old can make ATM cards. According to the regulations of the State Bank, people aged 15 or older, issued with identity card/citizen identity card, and have full civil act capacity can use ATM cards. The above information Here are the banks that make the latest updated no-fee ATM cards for you. Timo Digital Bank supports you to make an ATM card online in just a few minutes via the Timo Digital Bank application and deliver the card to your home in 63 provinces and cities completely free of charge. Download the app and open a Timo account now to experience modern financial products and services.

Download the app at Google Play

Download the app at the App Store

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