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If you are a person who often travels or works far away or is planning to travel in the future, you must have heard about it. travel insurance. So What is travel insurance?? What benefits do we get? buy travel insurance?

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is optional travel insurance. As the name suggests, Travel insurance is A plan to protect your health and finances while traveling or on business. The subject of travel insurance is very wide, from children to the elderly between the ages of 1 month and 75 years old.

Types of travel insurance generally have the same basic interests. Compensation for incidental expenses, medical expenses related to people and property are a few typical benefits. To meet the diverse needs of customers, insurance is divided into many different product packages with many unique characteristics.

What is travel insurance?

What is travel insurance? (Source: Internet)

What types of travel insurance are there?

Depending on the destination of the customer, travel insurance is divided into two main types: domestic travel insurance and international travel insurance.

Domestic travel insurance

Domestic travel insurance Also known as domestic travel insurance. In cases such as accidental death, illness, permanent disability, incident or expenses incurred during the trip, domestic travel insurance will cover the insured.

Usually, customers who travel by tour, most of the tour price of the tour company has included travel insurance for customers. Depending on the regulations and the nature of the tour, there will be different specific compensation levels.

Participants are Vietnamese citizens from 06 weeks old to 85 years old traveling within the territory of Vietnam with forms such as hotel resort, beach bathing, sightseeing, vacation, mountain climbing, etc. those who travel adventure or participate in professional competitions such as adventure climbing, windsurfing, boxing, etc. will often have to buy an additional package to expand the coverage when there is a risk.

International travel insurance

International travel insurance is a type of insurance provided to Vietnamese citizens from 6 weeks old to 85 years old when traveling, working, visiting relatives, performing, playing sports, etc. abroad. When participating in travel insurance, you will be covered in cases of: accidents, personal, flight problems, loss of property, personal papers, …

The cost of international travel insurance depends on the insurance package such as economy, premium, premium and number of days of travel.

Should you buy travel insurance?

No one knows what will happen in the future, problems and risks can arise at any time even though there are preventive measures such as delayed flights, loss of personal documents, illness. , accident, etc. especially when you are in a foreign country. When you buy travel insurance, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Protect your family and yourself against risks: There are many risks that occur during travel and work in other countries such as illness, disease, accident, etc. Travel insurance will cover the cost, assist in overcoming the problem in a good way. best for you.
  • Handling problems arising at the airport: Your flight may be delayed or canceled due to weather effects, flight schedule. In this case, travel insurance will help you solve the problem quickly.
  • Handling paperwork issues: In many cases where customers lose their passports or visas, important personal documents while abroad, travel insurance will cover expenses such as applying for a new passport or travel document, hotel expenses during the trip. application process…
  • Emergency support: In case of emergency such as emergency, medical transportation, etc., travel insurance will call for transportation such as ambulance, plane, … to ensure customers’ safety.

With the above benefits, considering buying travel insurance is a way to help you travel with peace of mind against unforeseen risks.

Should you buy travel insurance?

Should you buy travel insurance? (Source: Internet)

Experience choosing to buy a good and suitable travel insurance package

REMOVEAre you wondering which type of insurance to choose to best suit your needs? Travel insurance Currently there are many different packages depending on the needs and finances of the user. However, before deciding which insurance plan to buy, you should carefully consider the following criteria:

#1 Valid in many countries and regions

The first thing to pay attention to when choosing to participate travel insurance international is to determine the validity of that insurance in the country or territory you are planning to visit. Most packages travel insurance are applied on a global scale so you can rest assured.

#2 Insurance for bodily injury and acute illness

The second benefit to pay attention to is travel insurance You choose to ensure the right to protect your body in the event of an accident and to be covered for hospital expenses for unfortunate acute illnesses. Depends on the insurance participation fee There are different levels of payment.

What is travel insurance?

#3 Service 24/7

Choose insurance companies with 24/7 contact service. This gives you more peace of mind when there is always someone to guide you on how to troubleshoot when you accidentally encounter an accident in an unfamiliar place. Especially, when going abroad with a different time zone than Vietnam, having 24/7 support will be very important.

#4 Insurance for property-related loss and damage

Your valuable property should also be insured to avoid further financial loss. Property risks are the most common when traveling or working abroad. Therefore, choosing the right insurance package for your property’s value is essential, helping you get the amount of compensation from unnecessary losses.

What is travel insurance?

#5 Choose higher limit for high value devices

If you have large assets, you should consider a higher-paying insurance package to prevent risks from happening. As a result, you will feel more secure when you have to bring valuable assets when traveling or working abroad.

#6 Insurance includes cancellation fees for flight tickets, hotel reservations and urgent travel in case of emergency

In addition to the risks of people and property, other easy risks are flight delay, cancellation of flight tickets, cancellation of hotel reservations, etc. Although it is not a big risk, but if you are unfortunate enough to encounter it, it will cause you to lose money. more time, effort and unnecessary costs. Choose a travel insurance package that includes these provisions to provide the most complete protection and peace of mind for you.

What is travel insurance?

#7 Insurance for force majeure events in the destination country (coup, natural disaster, etc.) causes you to change your schedule

In addition to the above cases, there are many other risks that are rarely encountered such as force majeure events such as natural disasters, coups, etc. The problems arise depending on the situation of the country or the weather in your country. arrival can negatively affect your trip, even causing you to change your schedule. Travel insurance including these provisions will partially cover any financial loss and damage you have incurred.

#8 Insurance for all kinds of accidents during the trip

Accidents that happen during trips are unpredictable. . A good travel insurance package needs to ensure finances for you and your family to overcome the unfortunate risks of travel such as car accidents, lost things, late cars, etc. to help you and your family enjoy the trip. more complete calendar.

What is the best travel insurance to buy in 2021?

Immediately refer to the TOP 5 reputable travel insurance service providers that are trusted by many people today:

#1 Bao Viet travel insurance

Bao Viet is one of the reputable travel insurance providers today with the following convenient services:

  • Has a maximum coverage period within 180 days
  • Coverage: countries around the world
  • Guarantee and emergency medical relief services both in Vietnamese and other languages.
  • Free 24/7 travel support services such as visa procedures, vaccination requirements, information about embassies, law offices, medical facilities, etc.
  • If the whole family is traveling internationally, a preferential fee will be applied
  • Get paid high insurance benefits, up to 70,000 USD/EUR/person/trip

#2 Liberty Travel Insurance

Liberty travel insurance offers comprehensive protection for you and your family with a variety of flexible options to suit your needs from just US$1/day. Liberty travel insurance protects you against risks such as:​

  • Expenses for treatment of illness or injury abroad and in Vietnam
  • Expenses for overseas medical visits for relatives
  • Flight cancellation or delay
  • Lost or misplaced baggage
  • Loss of money or identity documents
  • Loss or damage caused by fire at your place of residence in Vietnam

Liberty travelcare travel insurance

#3 AIG Travel Insurance

AIG’s travel insurance with diverse benefits, wide coverage, reasonable premiums, etc. will help you have a safe trip.

  • Provide useful information about weather, public services, security situation, etc. to have a perfect trip
  • 24/7 consultation in Vietnamese in case of emergency or general questions about the destination.
  • Medical support for you wherever you are in the world.
  • Support expenses incurred when luggage is lost, flight is canceled or delayed until the risks due to natural disasters, terrorism when traveling.
  • Quick appraisal, professional compensation

AIG . Life Insurance

#4 Travel insurance VBI

VBI Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Vietinbank, provides convenient services and preeminent benefits to customers as follows:

  • 24/7 hotline to help answer questions
  • Support processing visa procedures of countries around the world
  • Professional quick compensation
  • Payment in case of illness, accident, death, ..
  • Covers the cost of lost luggage, canceled or delayed flights due to weather, natural disasters, security, politics.

#5 Chubb Travel Insurance

Chubb travel insurance protects you against unnecessary risks when traveling with many benefits and reasonable costs.

  • 24-hour support hotline
  • Medical emergency assistance, personal accident
  • Assistance in case of lost luggage and personal items
  • Support when the flight is canceled or delayed
  • Quick claim settlement

Liberty Travel Insurance – Peace of mind on every road

To meet all your needs buy travel insurance online customers, Timo has cooperated with Liberty Insurance to bring the insurance package Liberty TravelCare right in the Timo app. Travel insurance Liberty TravelCare is divided into 3 insurance packages (Classic Package, Executive Package, Premier Package) with diverse premiums bringing attractive benefits to customers. Only from US$1/person/day, travel insurance Liberty TravelCare will protect you and your loved ones against all risks to health and property during the trip. Learn more about Liberty TravelCare coverage at this.

Hopefully through this article Timo has helped you answer your questions What is travel insurance? and suggest the Important criteria for you to choose the right insurance package. Wish you always have safe and complete travel trips with Timo!

Looking for more information:

  • Buy travel insurance Liverty TravelCare
    To keep you and your family safe during your travels

    Insurance fee from only US$1/person/day
    Get maximum benefits up to 3 billion VND
    Including the cost of domestic and foreign health treatment
    Compensation for loss of luggage, money and personal papers

Frequently asked questions about travel insurance

Is travel insurance mandatory?

The answer is optional. However, to ensure a safe and perfect trip, you should buy travel insurance.

Domestic travel insurance?

Domestic travel insurance is usually very cheap: domestic tourists are about 1,500 VND/day/pax and international tourists are 1.5-2 USD/day/pax.

Does the tour price include travel insurance?

Currently, many travel companies when organizing tours include travel insurance premiums to ensure the safety of guests. However, there are also unscrupulous companies that omit this fee. Therefore, you should choose a reputable travel company and carefully read the tour program and accompanying conditions.

What is the best travel insurance company to buy?

You can refer to some reputable travel insurance companies such as Liberty, Bao Viet, AIG, etc.

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